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5 Ways Fleas and Ticks Can Harm Your Pet

  Oct 15, 2019

5 Ways Fleas and Ticks Can Harm Your Pet

Fleas and ticks are yucky creatures that are always on the lookout for a blood meal, and more often than not, they cling onto your poor furry pal and suck their blood. These troublesome parasites do not only cause havoc and pain to your poor pal but are extremely hazardous if not taken care of as soon as possible. There are quite a few ways by which these parasites can harm your fur buddy, and we will be looking at them in detail.

5 Ways Your Pet Can Be Harmed By Fleas and Ticks

These ways may sound familiar to you, but it’s always good to refresh the human mind because we tend to forget, don’t we? Well, without much delay, let us jump straight into the ways your canine or feline friend can be harmed by fleas and ticks.

#1. Peak Season

First things first, there is no season considered as the peak season for fleas and ticks. Many people believe fleas and ticks can harm pets only during the summer season, but that’s not true at all. Though these parasites prefer warmer and hotter conditions, they can infect pets even during winter, but comparatively lesser.

#2. Geographical Location

The location of where you reside plays a huge role because parasites such as fleas and ticks prefer warm and humid conditions. And since South Africa is pretty much hot during most parts of the year, the risk of your furry friend getting infected by fleas and ticks increases manifold.

#3. Unclean Home and Yard

A dirty home and yard are like inviting fleas and ticks and other parasites into your home, and that’s not at all good. Fleas and ticks enjoy an unclean atmosphere and more so when you have pets around. So, is your home and yard spick and span? If not, get creaking right away!

#4. Way of Living

The lifestyle your pet follows is also very crucial. If your fuzzy pal loves spending time outdoors, going for long walks and rides, then he or she is more prone to being infected with fleas and ticks because such creatures roam in the open. “A trip to the groomer; a ride in the car -- he or she is being exposed to the opportunity for fleas and ticks to hop aboard,” said a well-renowned veterinarian, which is very true.

#5. Lack of Flea and Tick Preventatives

Prevention is always better than cure and just like that, it is important to use flea and tick preventatives on your pet, even when they don’t have the dreaded fleas and ticks. So what are you waiting for? Go get your flea and tick preventative today by visiting our site and hop over to the dog’s section for flea and tick supplies for dogs, and the cat’s section for flea and tick supplies for cats.

Go protect your furry munchkin from the terrible fleas and ticks today. It’s never too late. NEVER!

5 Ways Fleas and Ticks Can Harm Your Pet

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5 Ways Fleas and Ticks Can Harm Your Pet

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