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Ectodex Dip for Dogs

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Ectodex Dip - Tick Treatment for Dogs

Ectodex is a tick control dip specially formulated for use on dogs. The dip solution treats ticks and lice on dogs and protects against various external parasites. It treats and controls demodectic mange infestation. The dip rinse is highly effective in controlling sarcoptic mange and protects dogs against harmful infestation. Ectodex is easy to apply and safe to use on all dogs except Chihuahuas and dogs suffering from heat stress. The tick control dip may also be used for pregnant and lactating dogs

  • Use only as directed.
  • Mix required amount of Ectodex with the specified volume of lukewarm water in a plastic bucket.
  • Prepare fresh dip for each dipping.

For treating Demodectic mange:

  • Mix 40 ml solution in 10 l water.
  • Repeat treatment 5 to 7 days later until no live mites can be identified or
  • Continue treatment for at least 3 weeks after all clinical signs have subsided.

For treating Sarcoptic mange:

  • Mix 20 ml solution in 10 l water.
  • Repeat treatment 7 t 10 days later.

For treating Ticks and lice:

  • Mix 10 ml solution in 10 l water.
  • Repeat treatment as necessary.
  • Effective tick treatment for dogs
  • Treats sarcoptic mange and prevents infestation
  • Protects dogs against demodectic mange infestation
  • Treats and controls ticks and lice
  • Prevents parasitic infestation
  • For use on dogs only.
  • Store below 25 °C in a cool dry place.
  • Discard any unused dip wash and all empty containers according to local waste disposal regulations and do not reuse for any other purpose.
  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.
  • For external use only.
  • Tightly reseal the container, if all the contents have not been used.


  • Do not use on Chihuahuas.
  • Do not use on dogs suffering from heat stress.
  • Avoid contact with dip and wash immediately and thoroughly with soap and hot water after accidental contamination.
  • Not recommended for use on cats.
  • Do not freeze.

Active Ingredients: Amitraz

Application: Topical

Species: Dogs

Product Type: Dips/Tick & Flea

Manufacturer: MSD Animal Health

Brand: MSD Animal Health

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Ectodex Dip

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Great Product

A perfect product that works the best for my pet against all the ticks and lice. It works instantly and works perfectly in curing my little love.

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Great Product

A very good product that keeps all the ticks away from my dog.

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A good product

This specially for ticks product is really the worth. In my locality there is constant problem of ticks affecting my dog has been a major issue. But thanks to this amazing product.

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Works well

This for dogs is an excellent in curing skin-related infections it protects well from demodectic mange.

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Works well

We just loved this product, we used it for our lactating dogs and we are happy with the results and got no side effects as well.

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